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Then work?

Working in Thailand

The staff nurse or specialist care is in high demand today. Most have support from those who never graduated from the Graduate School of Asia-Care (AEC School) can work.

  • Working in hospitals
  • Worked in various clinics
  • Working in a care center for the elderly or young children.
  • A teacher in kindergarten
Receive an average income of 15,000 baht per month (depending on the agency and diligence to duty or overtime).

For those interested in learning line nursing assistant nursing (PN) and professional courses that can help care for the basic (Basic) has to be the foundation of nursing knowledge. Before you go any further study.

work abroad
Au Pair

Has served as a mentor to children and families living with a host family is the duty of the au pair childcare. Whether it's a baby shower. Keep the care of children play, sending children to school. Care, clothing, food and other related child care so you can participate in a number of countries such as the USA, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark.

    The participants will be provided.
    1. Revenue from the participating families.
    2. vacation have two weeks per year.
    3. Limited time work In addition to working hours is overtime.
    4. tourism in the country and neighboring countries to join the project.
    5. Living with a host family and a private room
    Information from: aupairthailand (www.aupairthailand.com/aupair/).

work abroad
Kyle's story (Kaigo)

Kyle Niko from Japanese (介護) means Geriatrics Japanese. This elderly from living in a clean and peaceful. Seniors age-appropriate nutrition and disease. Psychological and recreational activities, such as the elderly, shopping, dancing and socializing, exercise in the elderly, and so on.

Those who do this are called "chi Niko" or Geriatrics. This is a profession that is very much lacking in all countries around the world. In particular, Japan The population aged up to 20% of the population in the country. But with the personnel working on the line Geriatrics is not enough. As a result, personnel from other countries like Japan. Came as reinforcements

Those who complete the course of care, advanced care. (Advanced-Kaigo) when you pass the threshold by Kyle she could get a chance to work abroad, such as Japan, theaverage income was 70,000 baht per month (depending on your affiliations, the cost of living, language and diligence)